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Martini Mosaic's Enigma Series


Martini Mosaic’s Enigma glass tile series takes mosaic tile to a brand new level.   Resembling a puzzle, Martini Mosaic has designed a one-of-a-kind tile series with a glass and stone mixture.  Combining various shapes, textures, sizes, and sheen levels, Martini Mosaic’s Enigma series leaves the impression of unique beauty.  Martini Mosaic’s exclusive glass tile series can dress any room for elegance, whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen or shower walls, the Enigma series will give present you a pure sophisticated look.

Martini Mosaic Piazza Series

Now when you hear the word “Piazza” you automatically think of a city square in Italy right?  What if I told you about a series of tiles called Piazza?  Here at Martini Mosaic we are constantly testing our level of design and creativity.  So if you want to know more about our Piazza series then keep on reading!

Now the term “piazza” has many different definitions depending on what your language of origin.  Martini Mosaic has combined this factor and created this amazing series.

With its symmetric shape it can be used in any classic or modern environment.  If you wanted to add a little spice to your kitchen to impress some family and friends, or maybe soften up the décor in your bathroom for a more classy approach, the piazza series has a wide variety of electrifying colors that can complement any room.   Each person’s taste in style differs from the next, but using any tile from this Piazza series can accommodate anyone’s taste.

What is mosaic tile?What is mosaic tile?

Mosaic is the art of creating images from small pieces of tile or other material. Inspired by the arts, Martini Mosaic has manufactured an array of colorful and solid tiles combined to be used for the home or for commercial uses. Whether for a bathroom or kitchen area, our finest glass tiles come in 5 series and over 20 colors that brings the sleek elegance of glass reflection to any room.

Where to buy?Where to Buy?

To view a full map of places that sell Martini Mosaic tile, visit our Where to Buy page for details. Shipping is available worldwide.

About Martini MosaicAbout Martini Mosaic

We are the manufacturers of this wonderful assortment of contemporary tiles including glass, stone, ceramic, and more. We are driven to provide the best and most pertinent resources for our customers. Each sheet of tile is assembled by hand with utmost care.